Kiros Official Code of Conduct

Revised 7/11/2022

These guidelines apply to the game, forum, and Discord communities and may be revised or altered at any time.

1. User Conduct + Content

1.1 Maintain appropriate interactions among your peers and community.

a.) While users may cuss in-game, users may not direct nor use any form of cuss to aid in insulting another user.

b.) Users may not attempt to contact a user that has either blocked or halted interactions with them for any reason; this includes the use of a third party.

c.) Users may not submit content that can otherwise be seen as; vulgar, offensive, harassing, spam, begging, trolling or sent to purposefully cause disrupting behavior.

d.) Users may not post, participate in, distribute or discuss 18+/NSFW content at any time as it is not appropriate for Kiros's community. This includes mentions of self harm, suicide, references to abuse or trauma, content that may be seen as triggering to another player, or references to drug or substance abuse.

e.) Users may not discuss or encourage illegal activites at any time. Just because something may be legal in one country does not mean it is legal in another.

1.2 Begging is not permitted under any circumstances.

a.) Users may not ask for item drops or attempt to force another to give them an item; trades, giveaways and drops are at the discretion of the item holder.

b.) Users may not ask for prey spawns; prey spawns are at the discretion of the staff member.

c.) This includes asking staff members to utilize staff only skills or abilities.

1.3 Do not send unsolicited messages including but not limited to; advertisements, trade inquires, chain mail etc.

a.) Users are not permitted to advertise other games anywhere on Kiros. This includes the advertisement of egg clickers, click to grow pets, referral codes or links to other games.

b.) Users may discuss other games, so long as they are not directly referring a user to the game or linking to the game itself.

c.) Users may not advertise sales or trades of any kind via the Private Messaging system without the consent or direct interest of another player.

1.4 Do not encourage violence or threats against other members.

1.5 Users may not personally attack another user or staff member. This includes but is not limited to;

a.) Public blacklists/block lists, name shaming, accusations, insults, criticisms to another user, etc.

b.) Off-site content that insults or is seen as demeaning to a user of the community.

c.) Telling a moderator how to moderate or handle the situation at hand.

d.) Using a help desk ticket to insult, demean, or otherwise belittle moderation staff.

1.6 Do not discuss player punishments on public boards; whether it be your own or another user.

a.) If you are unhappy with the outcome of a situation YOU are involved in, you are welcome to open a ticket regarding your situation and a staff member will look into it.

b.) The discussion of another users punishment is not permitted under any circumstances, whether you were directly involved or not. Moderator actions are between the user and the staff only.

1.7 Do not impersonate staff, participate in mini-modding or pretend to posses moderator powers.

a.) Do not attempt to enforce the rules, issue warnings, or handle rule-breaks on your own. This is considered mini-modding and is forbidden.

b.) Users may not threaten to report another user, alert a user that they have been reported, or attempt to use moderator involvement to their advantage.

c.) Users may not purposefully create usernames to copy a staff members username or impersonate a member of the staff.

d.) Users may not attempt to persuade a moderator to take action against or punish another user on their behalf.

1.8 Do not misuse site or game features. This includes but is not limited to;

a.) Submitting Help Desk tickets with the intent to troll or lash out at staff.

b.) Using a bug or exploit to gain an advantage.

c.) Utilizing forum boards and/or user profiles as an advertisement board.

d.) Solicitating karma points; offering rewards or other bribes in exchange for a karma point.

e.) Utilizing the "website" function to advertise your own game/forum

1.9 Do not scam players.

a.) Users may not purposefully engage in behavior that is seen as a scam or false advertising at any time.

b.) Trades that are seen as "promise based transactions" are unable to be protected under this rule as they are agreed upon by the player.

1.10 Off-site trading of any kind is not permitted.

1.11 Users may not engage in necro-threading.

a.) This includes reviving discussions older than three months, replying to old help topics in which the user may no longer be active, etc.

b.) Help topics older than 30 days with no response will be automatically locked by a staff member.

1.12 If a moderator tells you to stop what you're doing, you should stop immediately.

a.) Disregarding staff requests is forbidden. Users should listen to staff requests immediately.

1.13 Users may not host DNI (Do not interact) lists on their Kiros profiles or content.

a.) DNI lists are prohibited to be displayed anywhere on Kiros, this includes but is not limited to the following; user profiles, in-game biographies, forum topics, or within messages submitted on Discord.

b.) This rule does not prohibit users from displaying such lists on their personal social media.

2. User Accounts

2.1 Users may only own one account per person.

a.) Users may request exceptions for siblings and/or family members of the same household.

b.) Users may not exceed four accounts per household.

2.2 Your account, your responsibility.

a.) Users may not share accounts and/or passwords with other users, regardless of their relationship to the player.

b.) Users may not give or trade their account to another user. This includes the sale of Kiros accounts.

c.) Users are responsible for the actions taken on their own account at all times.

2.3 Cheating or the alteration of game files is not permitted under any circumstances.

a.) Users may not engage in any activity that can be seen as purposeful exploitation of in-game bugs or glitches.

b.) Users may not tamper with, alter, change, or add files to the game at any time without prior staff approval. This includes files that are linked to your account.

c.) This includes engaging in any activity that may cause extensive lag and performance issues for other players.

3. Shoutbox Behavior + Conduct

3.1 Asking for help is not permitted in the Shoutbox.

a.) Posts asking for help or assistance will be removed with directions to either the Help Desk or help boards.

b.) Help questions should be directed to the forums as to not clutter or flood the shoutbox.

3.2 Advertisements of any kind are not permitted in the Shoutbox. This includes but is not limited to;

a.) Art Sales

b.) Item Trades / Searches

c.) Pet Trades

d.) Other games

3.3 Users may not provide off-site links in the Shoutbox.

a.) Links that lead off of Kiros's website must be linked to in a forum thread.

b.) Links to other games are not permitted anywhere on-site.

If you feel that these rules need adjusted at any time, please submit a ticket here regarding your concerns.